EU inland waterway ais special Offer – save 50%

our special offer includes

  • 1. A 12 month extended warranty for your existing AIS transceiver.
  • 2. A brand new em-trak A100 EU Inland Waterway Certified AIS Class A Transceiver inclusive of a full 3 year warranty.
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your questions answered

Why do I have to apply to find out the price?

This offer is at an ultra low price and is only available for existing commercial vessel operators and owners of inland waterway vessels using AIS Class A in the EU Inland Waterways. We therefore need to validate this before providing the quotation.

Is there any commitment or obligation created by requesting a quotation?

No. Absolutely no commitment or obligation is made.

The A100 looks similar to other Class A units with different brands?

Yes, that is correct. The A100 is manufactured by SRT Marine Systems in the UK. SRT is the world’s leading developer of AIS equipment to marine electronics companies such as em-trak.

Can I simply swap the new one with the old one?

Yes. If you have an existing Class A that looks the same as the A100, you can swap the old one out for the new one in a matter of minutes.

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