About em-trak


  • “I’ve had my em-trak AIS for years – its never let me down.” USA, Tug Boat Skipper

    USA, Tug Boat Skipper

  • “When the going gets tough – we’re happy to know we have em-trak onboard”.

    Ocean Racing Sailor

  • "We have to know that we can trust our equipment. So we always use em-trak AIS."

    European Search & Rescue Agency

  • “I’m always updating my navigation apps - my em-trak transceiver works with them all every time.”

    Caribbean Cruiser

  • “My em-trak transponder was so easy to install and connect to my chart plotter and smart phone.”

    EU, Off-shore Sailing Enthusiast

  • “I leave my boat in the water all year, so damp is often a problem with electronics. Not so with my em-trak AIS – it works faultlessly, and I never have to touch it.”

    USA, boat owner

  • “I see more targets with my em-trak AIS than my old one.”

    UK, Experienced day sailor

Our Technology & Products

Em-trak products are designed and engineered to deliver the very best performance, reliability, connectivity and installation experience for those who are serious about wanting an AIS transceiver that delivers the best real-world performance and long-term reliability. Below we explain how this is achieved through a combination of advanced core technology, rigorous product development, high-quality manufacturing and intelligent product design. No gimmicks, just a quest to continuously provide you with the very best AIS transceivers that place you in control and upon which you can rely for the safety of you, your family and boat.

  • Core Technology that Delivers

    Unseen core technology delivers exceptional, unmatched performance. Core technology is what defines the performance you can expect from your AIS transceiver.

    By that we mean its ability to receive and process all and any AIS transmissions in real time without error/loss at maximum range. Our core technology is multi-generational having been evolved over the last twenty years by our parent group, SRT Marine Systems. Inside every em-trak transceiver is a highly sophisticated fully integrated AIS transceiver engine which uses the most advanced electronic architecture that elegantly integrates the very best components with powerful firmware. The result is a fully integrated and optimised AIS transceiver engine that delivers exceptional performance and reliability, plus ultra-low power consumption within a miniature form factor to save weight.

  • Product Engineering

    Thirty years of accumulated experience of developing communication products for professionals has provided us with a unique insight and understanding of the challenges faced by products in the real world.

    Every em-trak product has been conceived and designed from scratch for continuous use in the most extreme marine environments. This drives unseen product features such as exceptionally robust UV impervious enclosures, use of marine grade stainless steel connectors and internal screws, robust water proof sealing, vibration and shock resistance and high-grade electronic components designed to operate at extreme temperatures. All em-trak products benefit from these real innovations and ensure that your em-trak transceiver will provide many years of trustworthy and loyal service.

  • Manufacturing

    All our products are manufactured in one of the world’s most advanced electronic production facilities located in Europe.

    Our processes conform to the highest standards with every component tracked and every product going through multiple rigorous testing gateways during its manufacture. Any non-compliances detected during the manufacturing process result in the product being scrapped – re-working to fix issues whilst cost saving, introduces weaknesses which in years to come reduce reliability. Prior to leaving the factory, each product undergoes an extensive automated test that checks over 1,000 parameters, as well as a water proof test. We are obsessed with manufacturing quality.

  • Connectivity

    There are a huge number of different type chart plotters and navigation systems fitted on boats. Some are brand new and others well over ten years old.

    Additionally, there is an increasing selection of navigation apps for watches, phones, tablets and PC’s, all of which are constantly being updated with new functionality. We believe in giving you the freedom to connect with any of these – now and in the future – so you can swap between them all if you want. Our focus is to ensure you have the very best AIS performance and thus data available to your selected display.

    To this end, all em-trak transceivers have dual NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 data outputs and a selection of interfaces, wired and wireless (WiFi & Bluetooth). Extensive interoperability testing over many years has also ensured that we can guarantee interoperability with any third party navigation system – app, chart plotter, phone, watch etc.

  • Functionality

    em-trak is all about AIS performance and reliability. No gimmicks, just the very best performance and quality.

    All our AIS transceivers will support all the AIS related functionality available in your chosen display as explained in the connectivity section above. Thus giving you the freedom to access the vast array of functionality these systems offer if provided with the best quality AIS data. Our focus is therefore on functionality related to AIS performance. em-trak transceivers will receive and decode (extract all the information contained within a transmission) all AIS transmissions from any transceiver type – these include Class A, Class B, SART, MOB, AtoN and Base Stations. This means you have access to live weather and sea information as well as the ability to receive and send text messages. All em-trak transceivers have the ability to be put into silent mode where you stop transmitting for a time, but continue to receive. And most importantly all em-trak transceivers have built-in intelligence that enables them to detect if there is some kind of issue with the transceiver itself, or your antennas which might be compromising performance.

  • About em-trak

    em-trak Marine Electronics are the world’s leading supplier of AIS transceivers.

    For over twenty years our transceivers have been the favoured choice of professional, commercial and leisure vessel operators across the world due to their proven performance, reliability and seamless interoperability with other navigation and display systems.

    As a wholly owned subsidiary of the UK based SRT Marine Systems group we benefit from over twenty years of accumulated experience, the most advanced core technologies, robust product engineering and quality manufacturing. This is directly reflected in the quality and performance of our products and the result are products that set industry performance and quality horizons. Our products are available direct, or through a global network of trained and certified dealers. No matter where you buy your em-trak transceiver each and every product is backed by our global gold standard warranty and 24/7 expert technical support.